A comparison of remote monitoring and configuration management tools for Windows-based networks:

Concentrated Technology compares popular remote monitoring and configuration management tools   The following products were compared: Dameware Remote Support v9 Dell Desktop Authority Standard 9 Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7 Symantec Client Mgmt Suite 7.5 Concentrated Technology examined several functional areas: Architecture User and Desktop Management and Support Core System Config / Monitoring Capabilities Batch [...]

Goverlan Diagnostic Powershell Script

  Here is a PowerShell script that performs diagnostics on agent, Goverlan Central Server and Goverlan Central Data Repository configuration and communications. Save the file as a .PS1 Powershell Script file and run it. It is recommended that you have PowerShell version 3.0 or later. Some tests will be skipped if you are running 2.0 [...]

Goverlan Remote Control Software Text and Image Customization

Goverlan Remote Control Software Provides Customized Branding Can you customize the text and a corporate logo displayed on the client machines during a remote control session? With Goverlan Remote Control, you can: Customize the text displayed. Localize the text in different languages. Add your logo so clients know who is remote controlling them. Add your [...]