No silver bullets in IT

Any IT systems administrator or IT systems engineer knows this to be true, especially when there are ‘critical systems’ running on the platform. After all, you cannot just turn them off or stop supporting them, right? Look at how long Microsoft was forced to support Windows NT, then Windows XP, now Windows 7! Because of the cost [...]

Why Systems Management Capabilities Matter

It seems as though, whenever someone talks about IT systems management ‘tools’, the conversation will inevitably turn to the predictable items – features and functionality. There will be data sheets, product comparison matrices and a host of other artifacts addressing: Capacity ‘Speeds and Feeds’ Processing Power Product Architecture And so on… It’s not that these are [...]

The Tools Gap

For those of us working in the Information Technology space, particularly systems administrators, tools and utilities are an important part of our everyday lives. The problem When we are focused on day-to-day work, we don’t think much about our tools, except when they are not there or are not working properly. As the pace of [...]

Goverlan is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for TechMentor Redmond

August 11-15 at Microsoft HQ, Redmond WA TechMentor Redmond is a boutique IT conference, and registrations are strictly limited. The smaller conference size allows attendees to have one-on-one time with both speakers and fellow attendees. This is an event that offers real hands-on learning. There will be eight hands-on labs – laptops required – covering everything [...]

Remote Software Installation with Goverlan!

Remote Software Installation with Goverlan One major feature of any configuration management system is to perform a remote software installation. With Goverlan you can push EXE or MSI software packages to your computers in minutes with just a few clicks.  Simply configure a Goverlan installation package, assign it to a computer and execute. Goverlan installation [...]