Managing expectations

  Getting the balance right when delivering services to customers can be like walking a tightrope. Managing customer expectations starts with the business relationship managers negotiating well thought out and clearly communicated service level agreements (SLAs). But delivery on the many of the promises contained in these agreements falls to the system administrator. For this [...]

The different views on value in IT automation

Today’s organization would not function without some form of enabling technology to run it, despite many claims that our ‘productivity tools’ cost us more productivity than they provide. The simple fact is that technology is pervasive in life and organizations. That being said, using IT automation to gain organizational benefit is not necessarily simple or [...]

Why Systems Management Capabilities Matter

It seems as though, whenever someone talks about IT systems management ‘tools’, the conversation will inevitably turn to the predictable items – features and functionality. There will be data sheets, product comparison matrices and a host of other artifacts addressing: Capacity ‘Speeds and Feeds’ Processing Power Product Architecture And so on… It’s not that these are [...]