EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Case Studies / Asbury

Learn how Asbury Automotive cut case closed time in half and solved for the following challenges with Goverlan

  • Support 100+ sites spread across 10 states, with 20 – 250 machines in each location
  • Used VNC to remotely control 6500+ PCs which was a suboptimal solution
  • Frequently interrupting users to perform remote tasks and causing user downtime
  • Constant travel to sites where no IT support was present
  • Software updates took up to a week to install across all 100+ sites
User support

Download the case study to learn about Asbury Automotive’s selection process for a new remote access system and what challenges they were looking to solve.

Read more about how Asbury Automotive, supporting 100+ installations in over 10 states, has completely turned around how IT delivers support and improved support metrics across the board.