EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Case Studies / South Dakota Bureau of Information & Technology

Case study – State government

Read more about how South Dakota Bureau of Information & Technology is now able to remotely install software, change computer configurations, implement security fixes and perform extensive reporting.

"We could do some of the things Goverlan offers before, but it required multiple tools and solutions, some of which were only partly functional. Goverlan wrapped all those abilities together, and much more, and presented it in a single solution product. As with any product, you have an initial learning curve. However, we found this to be minor and our technicians had no problems adapting to and becoming proficient in using the Goverlan Suite," explained Keith Hemmelman, computer support analyst for LAN Services.

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Download the case study to learn more about the challenges South Dakota Bureau of Information & Technology was looking to solve.

User support
  • Provide support to clients across a widespread geographical area
  • Maintain an optimal level of support despite limited staff
  • Deploy important software updates on a mass scale
  • Stay responsive to the shifting needs of diverse environments across their network

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