EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

Case Studies / Department of Defense

Case Study - Military/Federal Agency

Read more about how the DoD has gained advance support capabilities and remote-control while being able to switch between multiple CAC cards (Common Access Cards, also known as smart cards or PIV), and an alternative to complex PowerShell scripting.

“We have smart cards for different administrator roles—if you’re a server admin, we have a separate account and smart card, if you’re a desktop admin, we have another one for that—and Goverlan is extremely easy to use with multiple smart cards.”

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Download the case study and learn more how the DoD solved for the following challenges using Goverlan Reach:

User support
  • Admins must be able to redirect their smartcard (CAC) credentials to gain Admin privileges on locked down remote machines
  • Ability to react quickly to potential security threats
  • Writing time-consuming PowerShell scripts that slowly execute one machine at a time, difficult to maintain/share amongst the team, and that work in a CAC / PIV / Smart card environment.
  • Incomplete or slow access to critical data that can also include outdated data
  • Lack of flexibility and increased effort due to large, cumbersome management solutions

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