EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

What’s New in Goverlan Reach 10 Key features include:

  • Comprehensive remote system management for Mac OS
  • Hardware-accelerated remote control engine removes lag and jitter with support for multi-4k monitors
  • Manage additional app formats such as MSIX, PKG and DMG

What’s New in Goverlan Reach 10

Goverlan Reach 10 adds comprehensive remote system management support for Mac OS system administration and includes several industry firsts designed to improve remote control functionality for technical support teams, work-from-home, and remote employees. These firsts include hardware-accelerated remote control engine that removes lag and jitter with support for multi-4k monitors; ability to manage additional app formats such as MSIX, PKG, and DMG.

New Mac OS Endpoint Management

Goverlan Reach 10’s new MacOS agent support gives administrators all the capabilities that they know and love from Goverlan for MacOS endpoints, including Administration and Diagnostics, IT Process Automation, and Remote Control. With Goverlan Reach 10, query, manage, access and support your Mac OS workstations with direct Peer-to-Peer connections and over the internet connections.

New Mac OS Endpoint Management

New Remote Control industry firsts deliver the best Experience available for IT Support Teams, Work-From-Home and Remote Employee

  • Hardware Accelerated Rendering Engine provides a sustained streaming of 30 FPS as standard, with the option of a much higher FPS available. No more frustrating lag or jitter, maximizing fluidity.
  • Support for 4K High-Resolution Monitors to benefit the full experience of high resolution without visual artifacts or performance penalty.
  • New Session Optimization Settings allows granular Image Quality and FPS controls that can be applied on the fly, to match the administrator’s needs and available resources.
  • Improved Workspace for work-at-home and remote employees. Enable full-screen remote control on multiple monitors with resolution matching for an immersive experience. Work at home like if you were at the office.
  • Hotkey Shortcut Bar allows administrators to toggle full-screen modes, mute and unmute remote sound, send a Ctrl+Alt+Del, and more so administrators can quickly access Goverlan Tools.

Support for Managing Mac OS Apps and Modern UWP / MSIX-based Applications

On top of adding support for Mac OS app management, Goverlan Reach 10 includes support for listing and removing modern Windows UWP and MSIX-based applications. Many of these new applications are consumer apps and don’t belong in a corporate environment. Goverlan enables administrators to remove UWP applications and install MSIX-based applications. This can be done as a single event or as a regular, scheduled event using Goverlan’s Process Automations.

Goverlan Support for Managing Mac OS Apps

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I love Goverlan... Overall I have been using Goverlan now for 4 years, and of all the products I have tried out, Goverlan is the best. I like everything about Goverlan pretty much. I like the fact that I can deploy software remotely, connect to machines remotely, connect to Workgroup added machines, see all the details about a connected machine, add printers remotely, see file folders, run DOS Commands. It is just a great product for an IT Admin to monitor machines.

– Wesley S. Head of Information Technology, Manufacturing

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