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Goverlan Mobile Device Management for BYOD, CYOD or COPE

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the modern workplace introduces a new level of complexity for any IT organization. Having the proper administrative tools to enable a BYOD, CYOD or COPE policy is critical for a successful mobile device management strategy. Goverlan’s MDM features allow IT administrators to provide a seamless remote support experience to its end-users while protecting corporate data, controlling app usage, as well as securing and monitoring devices with powerful, actionable insights.

MDM Device Security features

Device Security

Goverlan MDM offers many security measures including password usage enforcement and remote enterprise wipe.

Administrators can customize settings by creating separate security & configuration policies based on the ownership of the device.

MDM security features: recover lost mobile phone data

Recover lost phone data

MDM security policy: monitor and enforce compliance

Monitor and enforce compliance

MDM security features: restrict camera, GPS, web browser on any mobile device

Restrict camera, GPS, web browser

MDM automation: create separate configuration or mobile device security policies

Enable automated actions

MDM security: lock, wipe or reset a mobile device

Lock, wipe or reset

MDM security features:  locate a lost mobile device

Locate the device

MDM security: set password policies for mobile devices

Set password policies



Application Management

With Goverlan MDM, administrators can install, update and remove apps over-the-air. They can also customize app categories and control which app should be available to download in the app store based on user, device or group membership.

Key Features

  • Over-the-air application deployment and configuration
  • Self-service corporate store
  • Application reputation services
  • Block access to applications with a lock code
Manage App store, restricted apps, application deployment, and configuration
Mobile Device Management: setting up a self-service corporate app store.

Utilizing data collected and analyzed by the Webroot Intelligence Network (WIN), the App Reputation Service gives Goverlan MDM administrators the ability to allow or block mobile apps based security policies tied to reputation scores

Users can then install approved apps using a corporate store installed on every device.

Device Monitoring

Goverlan MDM’s intuitive real-time reporting capabilities provide actionable intelligence to better manage your mobile assets. It empowers organizations to improve its business processes and save cost.

Monitor all your devices with our MDM dashboard and real-time insights.